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What does creating art do for me?

It may often appear like a big waste of time.  But far from being discouraged ,  it helps  me to experience life with  joyful intensity.  These moments of complete abandonment to create something out of nothing are as exhilarating as anything could be.   I enjoy exploring new mediums of any kind, from fiber art to working with metal.

I love making jewelry out of unusual things.   When I had my gallbladder removed years ago, the surgeon handed me two gall stones  -  I made earrings out of it , which may seem gaudy to some...   I love making earrings out of plastic bags,  which are very light so one cannot feel any weight.  Practical,  and very wearable.

My latest passion is working with alcohol ink - I love the spontaneous flow and color intensity.   The lack of control may  at times be daunting,  but mostly satisfying.   I have an affinity and joy for the unexpected and unplanned. 

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